Accounts Payable Service Level Agreement Template

7 4. Service request 4.1. Standard Service Request A standard service request must be made via our website: each request must contain information contained in #3 in this Service Level Agreement; Otherwise, it will not be processed response time and working hours will be processed within 48 hours from receiving the full information. There is no telephone service at A/P HelpDesk 5. Coverage hours, reaction time – climbing 5.1. A/P helps normal hours are Monday to Friday from 8:00 a.m. to 5:30 p.m. 5.2. AP Help Desk Response is mandatory: Resolve the service request and respond to users within 48 hours of receiving the service requirement. Degenerate within 48 hours if a service request is not a standard 5.3 service request. Prioritization There is no prioritization for incoming A/P assistance needs 5.4.

escalation. All non-standard service requests are degenerated to be resolved by an expert from the ArvinMeritor Shared Services Group. 7/7 About our services and costs P N DALES LTD Queens Head Chambers, 42 Kirk Gate, Newark, Nottinghamshire, NG24 1AB YOU SHOULD USE THE INFORMATION PROVIDED WITHIN THIS DOCUMENT TO DECIDE IF OUR SERVICES ARE 5 Copies of Debit Memos – Number of debit memories. – Debit account date – The name of the creditor A/P provides the amount of the credit bill – the bill currency – the number of the invoice linked to the debit memo to the user according to the following order: – Electronic copy of the debtor memory in PDF format – If the A/P aid was not able, to find the memo, will degenerate into a second level of expertise copies of The Credits of Isupplier set up application – credit number – credit date . – Amount of credit – Credit Currency – Credit-related invoice number – Electronic copy in PDF format of the form to ask Isupplier, which is set up with all the information completed and signed Followed with: A/P will provide the user: – Electronic copy of the credit in PDF format – If the A/P help has not been able to: Find the credit will become a specialist of the second level A/P-Hilfe forwards the request to Vendor`s maintenance team and informs the user of the vendor`s information update – explicitly indicate the necessary change: name, address, address, contact information. – Include the information that will be updated. The A/P helper transmits the request to Vendor`s maintenance team and informs the user 5/7 2 1. Overview. This is a Service Level Agreement (SLA) between The Meritor Financial Shared Services (Help A/P) and their A/P support users (Users) to document: 1.1. Service Description Roles and Responsibilities As you request for an A/PDesk coverage service Reaction time, reaction time and escalation, this ALS remains valid until it is revised or completed.

2. Service Description 2.1. A/P help can provide the following list of services: Bill Status. A/P help can provide the user with the following information: Expected payment date Reason for refusal, cancellation or blocking of the invoice If the invoice was paid, what method of payment was used, to which account the transfer was sent or to which address the details of the cheque were sent for the payments.