Alpa Jumpseat Agreements

If your travel plans change at any time after authorization and you will not use the Jumpseat privilege, send a courtesy email to the address where your flight details came from and let us know as soon as possible. Itineraries, schedules and flight information are available under If you have any questions or concerns, please contact Atlas Air IBT Jumpseat Coordinators through your airline`s jumpseat committee. Atlas Air is pleased to offer a jumpseat program to OAL crew members participating in the CASS program and supernumeraries who visit cargo on our aircraft. Since Atlas Air must give top priority to safety, we follow strict procedures for those looking for jumpseat and supernumerary privileges. Atlas Air Worldwide and its affiliates make no implied or other warranties as to the immediate or eventual availability of Jumpseats. In addition, an operating necessity or a high priority person requesting the Jumpseat can and may ultimately result in a loss of Jumpseat availability. This loss can occur at any time, from authorization to departure. ALPA will maintain its position as PIC authority on access, while concluding and maintaining international jumpseat agreements.

Jumpseat As with CASS, the availability of the Jumpseat for laid-off and laid-off employees depends on the policy of the pilot`s airlines and jumpseat agreements with other airlines. In such cases, a letter is normally sent by an offline airline to the airline that sends/announces employees stating that their pilots can use the jumpseat privilege for a short period of time for an available seat in the cabin and not on the flight deck with the captain`s agreement. If a pilot flies with a positive space ticket issued by his airline, for example.B. for training or a deadhead leg, he or she should under no circumstances offer or agree to take the Jumpseat, regardless of what the Gate agent indicates. Airline guidelines do not allow employees to accept the jumpseat unless there are no other riders waiting for the seat on the airlift. Seniority, First Come/First Served or a reservation system can be used for both corporate and offline pilots. Within boarding priority, most airlines offer offline riders after first-come, grind first….