Annual Maintenance Agreement Deutsch

With a maintenance contract, you can protect your investment, extend the life of your devices and be sure that all safety requirements are met at all times. 4.5 Reports and audits. The customer must keep complete and accurate books and records of his use of the licensed product in order to demonstrate compliance with this agreement. In addition, SDL can verify the customer`s use of the licensed product to verify compliance with this agreement. The review is not conducted more than once a year at SDL`s expense. All audits are conducted during normal business hours and should not unreasonably affect the client`s activities. SDL schedules each test at least thirty (30) days in advance. If an audit by SDL reveals a default in the amounts that should have been paid to SDL, the client must immediately pay SDL the payments of these amounts, plus interest, calculated at a rate of 1.5% per month from the date on which the payment is due or at the highest statutory rate, at the lowest rate. If an SDL audit defaults 5% or more on the amounts that should have been paid to SDL, the customer will immediately reimburse SDL for all reasonable audit costs. Mechatronic Design process management systems Production process synchronization Cycle analysis by complete systems Geometries imported from each CAD system via STEP Maintenance and support interface We calculate an annual rate of 20% of the cost of licensing for a maintenance contract that will provide you with support and updates for all users. 15.1 None of the parties is required to honour obligations, including guarantee commitments agreed between the parties, when they are prevented from doing so because of a case of force majeure. Force majeure includes, but not limited to: (i) state measures, (ii) power outage, iii) disturbances affecting the Internet, computer network or telecommunications equipment, (iv) war, (v) terrorism, (vi) riots and (vii) the acts of God.

If a force majeure situation lasts more than forty-five days, one of the parties has the right to terminate the contract in writing. Purpose of the contract H-NGSBERG customer assistance for issues arising from the use of the software is paid if this service is not covered by a maintenance contract. “Advanced support”: this means that SDL continues to support this version at Level 3 (Support Extended) when a version reaches the date of support level 2 (4 years after the original release date). To access this phase, it is necessary to agree on an extended support agreement between SDL customer support and the customer. No other cumulative updates or general hotfix will be released. Support will be done to the best of his ability. 16.1 Full agreement. This agreement, including all exhibitions or schedules, constitutes the exclusive and exclusive understanding and agreement between the client and SDL regarding the purpose of this contract and replaces all prior and oral written or oral agreements and agreements between the client and SDL with respect to the purpose of this agreement.

All conditions contained in an order that are inconsistent with or in addition to the terms of this Agreement are considered to be affected by such an order, unless SDL has expressly agreed in writing. Long-term maintenance contracts can be entered into for sensitive components such as inverters. We recommend that all our customers sign a software maintenance contract.