Duke Energy Solar Interconnection Agreement

“The cooperation with Act 62 has given us a path to the growth of renewable energy in the federal state, and this spirit of cooperation has created this plan for the further development of solar energy in South Carolina,” said Mike Callahan, president of Duke Energy South Carolina. “Duke Energy champions the cooperative spirit that has been a hallmark for successful solar policy and the creation of a cleaner energy future for South Carolina customers.” Duke Energy, Solar Designers Reach Agreement on Interconnection Bottlenecks In the second important step, Duke Energy passed a resolution with the North Carolina Clean Energy Business Alliance and the North Carolina Sustainable Energy Association to implement a fundamental change to the connection process. “In summary, established companies and developers have worked together to find a creative solution to facilitate the networking of some pending distribution customers in areas where transmission restrictions are significant, while this connection has been restricted and protocols have been put in place to ensure safe and reliable operation of the transmission system,” declared DEC and DEP in a September 3 filing with the No Commission of Carolina. The colony only concerns solar installations on a supply scale and not the owners of solar panels. Duke Energy has more than 25,000 solar customers on the roof of Carolina and continues to experience healthy and steady growth in this sector as well as a fast and efficient connection process. Markus Wilhelm, CEO of Strata Solar, said the company “looks forward to partnering with Duke to transform North Carolina`s electricity supply.” Cypress Creek Renewables, the state`s other leading developer, according to Wood Mackenzie, did not respond to the request for advice on the deal, but it signed the deal submitted to supervisory authorities. Duke asked commissioners to answer the question by Oct. 15. “These agreements continue to promote renewable energy in Carolina,” said Stephen De May, president of Duke Energy in North Carolina.