Ipa Has No Replication Agreement For

I stopped the Docker. When I tried to run it again, I received this message: A replication agreement is already in place for this host. It must be removed. There is already a replication agreement for this host. It must be removed. Run it on the master that generated the information file: %ipa-replica-manage del ipa2.quartzbio.com –force In IPA 4.3, the replication topology is controlled by the topology plugin. Connections between replicas can only be created or deleted by being fixed in DS, so a test must be modified. It can probably extend the simple replication test suite. The command removes the master entry for A and this will trigger the Topoloy plugin to remove the segment that connects A and B, and removes the replication agreements A->B and B->A In type 3 there is a good balance, all replicas are connected to other different paths vial, even has no more than three replicas to manage, Then, replicas at the ends of the replication chain, A or D can be safely removed by: The deletion of replication segments and corresponding replication agreements is automatically supported by the Topology plugin. If you try to delete server B, you abort A and C and leave the cn=masters entry because replication is separate. However, in order to distribute these changes throughout the topology, all remaining servers must be connected. You should be careful when setting up a replication topology and deleting a replication.

In the following sections, recommendations are made for designing a replication topology and methods for deleting a replication Even though node C is still functional and replication of its distance should not be forced. Deleting C triggers the removal of connections to B and D, there may be race conditions in which all information about topology changes is not replicated to D before withdrawing agreement to D. .