Msp Service Level Agreement

Some MSPs use the term Service Level Agreement instead of Managed Services Agreement when they advertise or refer to their contract with their clients for services. MTBF/MTTF is a metric worth including in your MSP-SLA agreement, but probably requires an explanation for your customers. MTBF/MTTF refers to the time that elapsed before an error occurred. If the system can be repaired, the measurement is “Average Time Between Outages” (MTBF). If the system cannot be saved, the measure is “Mean Time to Failure” (MTTF). The inclusion of MTBF/MTTF metrics can help your customers understand how often they expect problems to occur naturally in a system – or how often they need to be completely replaced. An ALS outlines managed services offered in general terms, defines measures to measure the success of these services, and defines those that specifically apply to the customer, including computers and registered devices. Below, you`ll find out what to expect in your Manage Services (SLA) contract. We will also discuss how you should check this document with your lawyer to make sure you get the fair value of this relationship and do the best for your business. Each MSP-SLA should describe the metrics used to quantify and report service levels, and who is responsible for reporting – the MSP, its client or a third party. Problem management On the other hand, your ALS must also explain how problems and problems are dealt with by your managed service provider. If you have a z.B.

problem you need a protocol for administration: Service credits require the service provider to reimburse the client for the cost of the work done or to offer credits for future work. In this type of penalty, actual credits are not transferred. The Dispatcher also plays a supporting role in making the team responsible for climbing times and ensuring communication with the customer. The service manager should check missing alS notes and determine if there is a way to update or create an SOP that would facilitate these types of notes in the future.