Redemption Agreement Corporation

THIS ACCORD REDEMPTION (the “agreement”) will be adopted on September 24, 2018 between The Janel Company, a Nevada company (“Janel”), and the signed holders (each a “Series A Holder” and the “Series A Holders”) of all issued and outstanding shares of Janels Series A Convertibled Preferred Stock (Parvalue $0.001 per share) (value per $0.001). If you have more than two shareholders, especially if a disability or life insurance is designed to finance a purchase/sale contract, these buybacks are organized in the form of a share withdrawal, paid for by corporate funds. Often they do not think about the most pessimistic scenarios in the economy. But a replacement contract can make your business run smoothly. It`s always smart to be ready. In some cases, a company often agrees to buy back the interests of a partner or shareholder. With a replacement contract, you can agree in advance on the price and conditions. They do not want to haggle over the terms of redemption if someone is disabled or dies. If you are a shareholder, you do not want your family to face a chaotic trade agreement on your behalf. Pre-planning benefits everyone – the company, the shareholder and their loved ones. Go through the details before you need them.

We will guide you through the steps to create a cashing contract and put everyone on the same page. Other names of this document: Share withdrawal contract The shareholder guarantees and swears that he is the sole owner of the aforementioned listed share and that there is no agreement with third parties regarding the transfer of ownership of this action that could conflict with this repurchase agreement. THIS REDEMPTION ACCORD (“agreement”) will be concluded on July 31, 2020 (“Execution Date”) between MPLX LP, a restricted delaware partnership (“MPLX”) and Western Refining Southwest Inc., an Arizona company (“WRS” and, with MPLX, the “parties” and a “party”). If you own or run a business and a shareholder leaves, is disabled or dies, a withdrawal contract can protect you. This agreement allows you to obtain the terms of purchase or transfer of ownership shares in advance. A withdrawal agreement may express your promise to repurchase the shareholder`s shares. One of the most common drawbacks of a purchase/sale contract is the cash payment for the shareholder`s life insurance premiums. Life insurance (usually used to finance the purchase/sale contract) is not available for the payment of investments and business expenses. In addition, distributions are granted to shareholders. The management of such a purchase/sale contract will be facilitated, as there is only one policy for each shareholder. In addition, the legal contract can be drafted as a single agreement. Share repayments for distributions of unsealed businesses could result in taxable splits for a shareholder beneficiary.

The share withdrawal agreement has several different names, but is required in a closely held transaction to protect the company and shareholders in the event of death, divorce, disability, private insolvency, termination, retirement or sale of shares.