Service Level Agreement For Pest Control

10. Damage to distribution companies: if the provision of the service requires drilling or cutting of materials, the customer is responsible for determining the location of all land supply services, including water and drainage pipes, electrical and telephone cables, gas pipes, etc. RPC will exercise due diligence to drill or cut, but the customer is liable for damages, which are caused by the intrusion into such services, unless it was caused by RPC`s negligence. 1. Rentokil Initial Pty Ltd ABN 98 000 034 597, acting as Rentokil Pest Control (RPC), undertakes to provide commercial pest inspection and treatment (the “Service”) in the specified areas of the premises described above for the costs (plus GST) in respect of the pests described in this Agreement, in accordance with these general conditions of sale. The customer`s furniture and equipment are excluded, unless this agreement refers to them for inspection and/or treatment. Additional pests or areas shall be investigated and proposed separately. More and more municipalities and housing companies in Greater London are opting for Dyno plague to complement the activities of their own pest control teams in times of high demand for services or quick solutions to the infestation. 9. Customer Cooperation: The Customer must follow all advice and instructions provided by RPC to the Customer, including all advice and instructions regarding the use of pesticides and devices, as well as the health and safety of persons using the Premises during and after the end of the Service. 3. Fees and Payment: The fees set out in this Agreement must be paid by the Customer to RPC for the Service.

Royalties are exclusive to GST, which must be paid in addition to fees. The fee is payable on the date the service is provided. CPP makes available to the client an electronic tax invoice on the day of service. If the customer authorizes a credit card or a debit from a bank account, a fee tax is processed on the day of the provision of the service. 16. Data Protection and Credit Reports: The RPC Customer authorizes RPC to use and disclose the Customer`s Personal Data for any purpose in connection with this Agreement or to any other extent, in accordance with the Rentokil Initial Privacy Policy, which may be accessed under, subject to compliance with the Privacy Act 1988. 12. Exemption: to the extent permitted by law, the Client shall exempt RPC and its staff from any act, claim, proceeding or cost (including legal fees in full) than RPC, due to reliance on the content of a service or inspection report by a person other than the Client who received the Client`s report without RPC`s written permission, 1992, 1995 unless loss or damage is caused by CPP or its personnel.

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