Turkish Airlines Codeshare Agreement

The two airlines plan to extend the codeshare agreement to Turkish Airlines services in the United States, Canada, Germany, Spain, Portugal and Italy. In addition, IndiGo can add a second service from Istanbul from another Indian city. Turkish is also a codeshare with Air India (which has no routes to Turkey). Assistant Editor – As an experienced photographer and video producer, Chris is a natural journalistic talent. Chris` insight into itineraries, networks and alliances gives his work a depth of quality that is difficult to surpass. His strong relationships with airlines in the Middle East and Canada make him an asset to the team. Currently based in Vilnius, Lithuania. In addition, it will allow customers of both airlines to have seamless connectivity in their respective platforms, taking into account the complementary schedule structure of the two airlines and the reciprocity agreement. Air Serbia, Serbia`s largest airline and airline, and Turkish Airlines, Turkey`s national airline, have mutually agreed on improving their commercial cooperation with a codeshare agreement that will be extended in the near future to targets in both the Turkish Airlines and Air Serbia networks. “If we look at the networks of both airlines, we see that the volume and utilization rate of our agreements were below our expectations.

I believe that our cooperation could be developed in order to reach a more satisfactory level by adding your proposed points in Birmingham, London, Milan, Barcelona, Copenhagen and Oslo, subject to the corresponding code-sharing authorisations from the civil aviation authorities.” Thanks to this expanded partnership, Turkish Airlines and Air Serbia will be able to use their own flight codes on flights between Istanbul and Belgrade v.v.v. from August 15. Place. Within the framework of the mutual agreement concerned, cooperation will be strengthened in the near future by the addition of flights in addition to the Istanbul-Belgrade route: the internal market was deregulated in 1996, which allowed new competition between charter companies. At the same time, major international airlines have created fierce competition on routes to Western Europe. THY has entered into marketing agreements with other international airlines to improve their competitiveness. The company partnered with Japan Airlines in 1997 and 1998 to engage Osaka and Tokyo. Other joint flights soon followed with Austrian Airlines, Swissair and Croatia Airlines. [19] Turkish airlines are considering making IST the new Heathrow or Dubai International. They recently signed new code shares.

The airport has a huge capacity and once the MAX problem is solved (and the pandemic is over), TK will grow wildly. Before the pandemic, TK flew three times a day to Bucharest and all the associations of large cities! TAROM flew 2 times with an A318. They couldn`t compete with TK on that route, and they signed a codeshare agreement. This will certainly benefit both parties, but especially the new IST, as passengers coming from Bucharest will be able to benefit from IST`s TK coverage. Like Aegean….